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Places of Interest to Visit in Heifa

Haifa is the third largest city of Israel. It is one of the most important ports and industrial centers of the country. It is situated at the sole of Carmel next to the shore of Mediterranean. Its five-kilometers-long beaches are considered to be the cleanest and the most beautiful ones on the whole country. The woods of the Carmel mountain provide the great opportunity for having a good picnic.

Those who travel to Jordan also often find themselves in Haifa as the shortest way to reach Jordan takes its start from the Haifa airport.

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Ireland (But Were Afraid to Ask).

Ireland. What a wonderful country to visit and to find out whether all the stereotypes about Irish people are right or wrong. To tell the truth Ireland is worth visiting indeed. The culture and history of the country would amaze you no doubts. But there are so many stereotypes about Irish people. As for me all these stereotypes are half true. Irish people are hilarious, they have wonderful sense of humor. Irish people are witty and smart. They are very interesting and mostly easy-going. At least those Irish I met when visited Ireland. Irish people are very friendly. They are open-minded and are ready to help you any time.

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My AIESEC experience.

Last summer I decided to spend my vacations somewhere abroad taking an internship. I spent many hours trying to decide where to go. Initially I wanted to visit Eastern Europe and work as a volunteer. I couldn’t decide between Poland, Bulgaria and Hungary. To tell the truth there wasn’t an actual reason of my choice. I just wanted to travel around the countries of former socialist camp. I’m interested in history and captivated by the past and present of those countries. But due to some reasons my parents were against my decision and my friends also couldn’t understand me. That time I decided not to upset them and did as they wanted. So I went to Hong Kong through AIESEC International youth-run organization.

Frankly speaking Asia attracted my attention since my last visit of the Republic of Korea. I was captivated by its culture and traditions, customs and even religion. I fall in love with this country. So I wanted to continue discovering Asia and go to China but again my parents didn’t support this idea. That’s why I went to astonishing and marvelous Hong Kong!

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