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Geeky Gifts

They say girls like jewelry more than anything. Is that so? Personally I’ve never felt anything special towards gold bracelets and necklaces, but I am really into geeky gifts. Here I want to share the best geeky gifts I’ve ever saw or heard about – things I’d love to have myself.
1. A preserved snowflake from the North Pole – the kind of snowflake that Leonard gave to Penny in the Big Bang Theory, what can possibly be more romantic? I would love to have one of those.
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Money Is Always Money

In our consumer society where practically everything can be bought and sold the money still preserves strange and even weird format in some countries. It seems that the times of stones and furs serving as money are gone, but still not all nations accept the usual paper and metal money.

For instance, the Vietnamese Green Marks differ considerably from the money we are used to spend. You can not pay with these Marks for everything you want as the item which can be purchased by using them is indicated on the money itself. On the edges of Marks there are special tear-off coupons which can be 3exchanged on particular things only.

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The Religionism of Population Doesn’t Contribute to the Prosperity of the Society

The complex analysis of the various society indicators in the 17 developed countries showed that the hypothesis about the positive influence of the religiosity on the population well-being. On the opposite the most religious society appear to be less unscathed according to the sum of the indicators.

Gregory Paul, the independent social researcher from the US has published a sensational article in Evolutionary Psychology journal. He describes the results of the complex cross-national analysis aimed to check the two wide-spread hypotheses.

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