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Lanterns Holiday in China

The bright and pompous Day of Lanterns is celebrated in China on the 15th day of the first month according to the Moon Calender. Actually it is celebrated at night. It is usually preceded by two weeks of careful preparations. For example the 13th day of the Moon cycle is called “The Day of Hanging Out The Lanterns”It’s not difficult to guess that in that day the new red lanterns are hanged in the shop windows for the customers to choose the one they like the most. The next day is called “The Day of Checking the Lanterns”. On this day the towns are being decorated with the red lanterns and everyone gets ready for the celebration.

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How Women Helped The Army During The World War Two

War is not a sight for women. Nevertheless, women participated in World War Two alongside with men: as nurses, volunteers, sewers and even soldiers! WW2 is remembered as the bloodiest armed conflict in history, and the world needed to leverage each and every source in order to put this evil to an end. There are lots of stories when women joined the army and fought with Nazis. But the majority of women got engaged into other types of activities.

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Marriage is the Main Cause of Women HIV Contagination in India

India takes the third place in the world among the countries with the highest amount of HIV-positive population. That is partially explained by the vast number of the whole population. But some of the social groups in India are subjected to the contamination more than the others. And it is sad to admit that this group is the married women. The women who are married usually lack knowledge, the have ho power in their families so they can’t save themselves from this awful infection. Their husbands may have sexual relationships with other women or take drugs. But the wife is the one accused of the bringing the dreadful disease to the family. This phenomenon however may be observed not only in India, but also in the other countries, even the most developed ones.

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