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New Opportunities For Young Authors

During the recent years one can see an interesting tendency in the U. S. More and more people tend to publish their books at their own cost and expense and the large amount of such books is written by the children. The cost of publishing a novel, a book of poems or short stories is not as high as it may seem to be. And of course the parents are likely to think that it is a good idea to provide the new opportunities to reveal the talent of their children.

The good example is the publishing agency called KidPub. This agency specializes in publishing the children’s creations. During the last years more than one and a half hundred books by children have been released by this agency. To maintain the high sales rates via KidPub requires the additional charge of 250 USD. “When the children receive the box with their books newly printed and see their name on them they feel themselves to be a kind of rock stars” as reported by one of the publishers.

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Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov

…If you don’t know what book to read…

Within the context of the event named “Writers Pick Their Favorite Books” one hundred twenty five writers were proposed to choose their favorite books of all time. They were supposed to make several lists of books: “Top ten works of the 20th century”, “Top ten works of the 19th century”, “Top ten authors by number of books selected” and “Top ten books by points earned”.

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