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It makes me tremble.

Once I realized that the art can be not only beautiful and splendid, that there are a lot of scandalous forms of art. One day I discovered art that exist not for art’s sake as it was back to the 19th century, back to the ideas of Theophile Gautier. Art can be disgusting and repulsive, terrible and detestable. And obviously nowadays this kind of art is just OK, it is trendy actually. The initial conception of art, scandals around it are just much more captivating and attractive than the piece of art itself. How come? I don’t know. We live in postmodernism era so it is supposed to be a rule. So visiting the Metropolitan Art Museum don’t surprise to see a shark in formaldehyde displayed along with more traditional forms of art such as paintings and sculptures. I have seen too much of it and nowadays nothing can surprise and shock me. Maybe ten years ago I could be astonished at Young British Artists or Charles Saatchi collection. But today I’m pretty bored and tired to see mere simulacra of postmodernism. So the Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living by Damien Hirst is nice today. I even would say that this so called art is pleasant. Why not?

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Cirque du Soleil – the Art of Creating Fairy-Tales

The art is a beautiful illusion which makes us forget about the sadness and the dirt of the reality, at least for a while. In this aspect the circus is the most miraculous way to take us away in the world of mystery and light. Nowadays the most popular circus is Cirque du Soleil. After visiting their performance for the first time I fall in love with this art once and forever.

Cirque du Soleil was created in 1984 in Quebec. The history of its success is inseparably connected with its founder – Guy Laliberte whose outstanding personality was one of the key factors of the possibility of creating such a unique world. He began as a fire-breather and stilt-walker. Laliberte always loved to travel and when he was 18 he traveled across the Europe with his accordion and his imagination. There he started to observe different ways of street performance and returned home with the idea to become artist and create new style in art which would present the mixture of all existing styles. The government of Quebec invested money in his project and since that time his creation knew nothing but success.

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