Geeky Gifts

by smartpeopleproblems

They say girls like jewelry more than anything. Is that so? Personally I’ve never felt anything special towards gold bracelets and necklaces, but I am really into geeky gifts. Here I want to share the best geeky gifts I’ve ever saw or heard about – things I’d love to have myself.
1. A preserved snowflake from the North Pole – the kind of snowflake that Leonard gave to Penny in the Big Bang Theory, what can possibly be more romantic? I would love to have one of those.

2. Another thing that I want to have just as bad is a fossilized seashell, those things can be hundreds of millions years old! What can be more awesome than that?!
3. The Doppler effect T-shirt that Sheldon cooper wore at a Halloween party .
4. This bad boy t-shirt. I wouldn’t wear it since I am a girl, but this thing is worth mentioning I think . I would settle for the evil cup of angry morning coffee instead .
5. Another awesome gift would be DNA of a famous person, a scientist or just someone cool, like Phoebe Buffet’s gift to Rachel Green in the tenth season of Friends (when Rachel was moving to France), but that was just Phoebe’s DNA, in The Big Bang Theory Penny gave Sheldon a napkin with Dr. Spock’s (Leonard Nimoy) DNA.
6. An ancient pagan idol (an idol of some ancient pagan god), a small one. It would be a very cool thing to have! Those can be hundreds of years old. The amazing thing about paganism is: this is the first religion (or beliefs) of every nation. This is the kind of religion that wasn’t forced on people but was born in their hearts and made them closer to nature. I’d really love to have something from that time.
7. Another interesting gift (also from The Big Bang Theory) is a print of a brain cell. This was something Sheldon intended to give to Amy but kept for himself. That drawing was signed by Santiago Ramon y Cajal.
8. Ok I wasn’t completely honest about jewelry, I’d like to have jewelry, but only if it’s a geeky necklace like this
9. Or this – these are actual preserved flowers! It looks amazing, it’s like a preserved piece of summer.
10. And now a little bit about what I already have and absolutely love, like this awl watch necklace. This awl lifts its wings and shows time when you press on its ears.
All these things are absolutely amazing! Some people claim they like this stuff even though they actually don’t. They read articles on how to dress like nerds but I think this is silly, you need to like this stuff and look deep into it. Besides, looks have nothing to do with it. If you like all this stuff just like I do, leave your comments!