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Month: October, 2012

Internet Dating Resources: How to Find a Mate?

There is nothing impossible or extremely difficult in this life. And if you agree with this idea you will succeed in any aspect of your life. Not “maybe” or “might” but succeed by all means. Of course excessive self-confidence is not a good quality of the one who tries to find his love via the internet. But confidence is a very important thing.

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The educational system o the present days is actually an example of the past time institution. Of course everyone wants to graduate from the leading universities which have a long history and a good reputation. It prestigious, expensive and… not very effective. The times goes by rapidly and the specialists always need to improve their knowledge and adjust their skills to the new environment. The new form of the distant education is webinars. They perfectly supplement to the basic knowledge provided by the classical education systems, help to fill in the lacunas and allow to broaden the horizons.

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Red Light-o’-love

One of the last strongholds of fair selling love seems to become just a tale soon. They are going to close a legendary red-light district in Amsterdam – De Wallen.

In the Middle Ages Amsterdam became a major trading port with a black-jack and you know what else. Red lights appeared in the 16th century for the drunk sailors. So that they wouldn’t molest “decent” women, local citizens asked the prostitutes to light up the places they worked with red candles. Later, the government gave the Amsterdam prostitutes the whole ghetto and even obligated them to pay tax.

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