Money Is Always Money

by smartpeopleproblems

In our consumer society where practically everything can be bought and sold the money still preserves strange and even weird format in some countries. It seems that the times of stones and furs serving as money are gone, but still not all nations accept the usual paper and metal money.

For instance, the Vietnamese Green Marks differ considerably from the money we are used to spend. You can not pay with these Marks for everything you want as the item which can be purchased by using them is indicated on the money itself. On the edges of Marks there are special tear-off coupons which can be 3exchanged on particular things only.

Another interesting currency was invented in 1987 and is called Disney dollar. Its value is equal to the value of the USA dollar, but this money can be used only in theme parks of Disney, its resorts, cruise ships and on the private Disney island, Castaway Cay.

Some money is still waiting for the moment of its fame as they can not be used at present. For instance, the scientists have developed space pounds sterling which are meant to perform economic relations in space, when it will be conquered and explored, of course. These coins are made without sharp angles and of substance which is absolutely harmless for human beings. They are viewed as an alternative to electronic fund transfers which will be impossible in space.

Probably, the strangest currency of the modern world is stone money of Yap Island which is situated in the Federated States of Micronesia. This money presents huge stone disks with a hole in the middle. Their value is defined by their size and the number of people who have perished during the process of delivery of these stones to the island. The fact is that there are no such stones on Yap, and the natives have to transfer on canoes from the nearest island of Palau.

By the way, Palau Island is also famous for its unusual currency. In 2007 there was issued a silver dollar with the image of The Virgin Mary sand a tiny reservoir which contained holy Water from the grotto of Lourdes, France.

“Recycled money” of the Caribbean countries is also worth mentioning in this rating of the weirdest currency. This money originated in the middle of the nineteenth century when the Caribbean Islands while having no currency of their own, started melting foreign coins and making their own coins of this metal. The most beautiful coins were made in Dominican Republic – they had holes in the form of a heart in their center.

In different periods of the development of the society money was made of different weird materials, and one of the most unusual of them is wood. After the World War I the Germans desperately tried to raise the economy of the country and printed money on everything, wood included. Wooden money was widely used in Saskatchewan Province in Canada.

Money represents the culture of this or that nation, that’s why we still observe the diversity of the currency of different countries.

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