New Opportunities For Young Authors

by smartpeopleproblems

During the recent years one can see an interesting tendency in the U. S. More and more people tend to publish their books at their own cost and expense and the large amount of such books is written by the children. The cost of publishing a novel, a book of poems or short stories is not as high as it may seem to be. And of course the parents are likely to think that it is a good idea to provide the new opportunities to reveal the talent of their children.

The good example is the publishing agency called KidPub. This agency specializes in publishing the children’s creations. During the last years more than one and a half hundred books by children have been released by this agency. To maintain the high sales rates via KidPub requires the additional charge of 250 USD. “When the children receive the box with their books newly printed and see their name on them they feel themselves to be a kind of rock stars” as reported by one of the publishers.

This practice has turned into the common one thankful the the possibility to publish the books according the ordering customer’s demands. Moreover the growth of the small private publishing companies that keep their head above the water due to the publications paid by the authors.

Kevin Weis, the general director of Author Solutions states that his company aims to publish about four hundred books by the young authors who haven’t turned 18 yet. Today the 14-year-old kid has the equal chance to become popular with the 50-year-old experienced writer. Sometimes the first one is even more likely to become an acknowledged author as the modern children feel the subtle changes of conjuncture and easily navigate the social networks. Not only the classmates follow their tweets but also the real “adult” media portals. The young authors can be seen in the news blocks and give interviews to literature magazines.

The analysts notice that it’s not a bad idea to start publishing your literary works when you are still young. But the fact that you pay money for being popular can make you thing that literature is just a piece of cake that demands no life experience at all. The author of a book should not only tell the fictional story but also provide the analysis of the human relationships or the natural events.

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