Places of Interest to Visit in Heifa

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Haifa is the third largest city of Israel. It is one of the most important ports and industrial centers of the country. It is situated at the sole of Carmel next to the shore of Mediterranean. Its five-kilometers-long beaches are considered to be the cleanest and the most beautiful ones on the whole country. The woods of the Carmel mountain provide the great opportunity for having a good picnic.

Those who travel to Jordan also often find themselves in Haifa as the shortest way to reach Jordan takes its start from the Haifa airport.

Haifa is the single city in Israel where an underground cog railway is situated. It is called “Carmelit” and had been launched in 1959. The trip from the sole of Carmel to the center of Heifa will take no more than 20 minutes.

The 25 holy shrines of various religions are located there. The most important placed that attract numerous pilgrims are the Carmelite Monastery and the Camelite church “Stella Maris” which means “the sea star”. The Cave of the Prophet Elijah is considered to be a sacred place by the followers of the three religions, that are Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

The Mount Carmel is one of the main places of interest. The native citizens of Heifa call it “the vinery of god”. From its peak the amazing panoramic views of Heifa can be shot. The place called Jafe Nof is the best to enjoy the pleasant views and take the unbelievable photos.

Heifa looks as it is coming right out of the sea. The area of the lower city is port itself. From the sea line the city seems to climb the Mont Carmel. The higher “stores” are luxurious and splendid while the low ones are the poor blocks. Heifa surmounts the peak and comes down to the sea from the other side of Carmel. This back side is also a densely inhabited one but there is almost nothing spectacular to be seen as here only the dormitory suburbs are situated.

In Heifa the Seat of the Universal House of Justice is situated. It is the center of Bahai religion, the followers of which believe that “The Earth is a single country and the humankind is its citizens”. The spiritual and administrative center of Bahai is the main place of interest that worth seeing. It is considered to be the eighth wonder of the world for its 19 gorgeous white terraces stepping down the green flank of Carmel.

But the visitors are allowed to go only down the ritzy stairs. Only the Bahai followers are allowed to go up.

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