How Women Helped The Army During The World War Two

by smartpeopleproblems

War is not a sight for women. Nevertheless, women participated in World War Two alongside with men: as nurses, volunteers, sewers and even soldiers! WW2 is remembered as the bloodiest armed conflict in history, and the world needed to leverage each and every source in order to put this evil to an end. There are lots of stories when women joined the army and fought with Nazis. But the majority of women got engaged into other types of activities.


Many women decided on working at the factories back those days. Indeed, it was probably one of the best ways to help the army. They used to make ammunition, uniforms, food, guns and airplanes. This was a tough work that took them long hours, and some of them had to spend the nights at the workplace. Sometimes women even left their homes and moved to the factory in order to be more productive and make more money.


Military nurses were heroines of the war alongside with brave male soldiers. These fragile little doctors have seen the ugly face of war and saved thousands of lives. They were always there not only to cleanse the wound but to support the spirit. Many of them decided on this work in order to follow their husbands and sweethearts and be by their sides in case they need medical help. Others’ motives were courage and patriotism. Many of them were killed in the bombings, but their role in WW2 could hardly be overemphasized.

Voluntary Services

Civil voluntary services were not located at the front, but still they were doing an extremely important job. They were ready to help people cope with any civil issue, organized charity, helped families who lost their shelters after the bombings, etc. Voluntary services mostly consisted of older woman because the vast majority of younger girls were busy at the factories. These brave old ladies helped people and did whatever was needed. For example, women of Portsmouth collected 4 railway carriages of metal for military needs in as little as one month!

Spies And Secret Agents

Who can get the necessary information better than a charming young lady? This strategy was widely used during the war. This was an extremely dangerous work because Nazi were very suspicious and even a minor mistake could lead to death. Beautiful female spies used to aid the Allies tremendously during the war by supplying them with vital information.


Male soldiers were very brave, but it’s hard to stay strong for years of exhausting fights. Women inspired them by recording the patriotic songs and shooting photos for the postcards that the soldiers could enjoy at the front.

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