Gadgets Which Help to Keep Fit

by smartpeopleproblems

The decision to keep fit requires from you huge effort. You have to go to some place, spend money, sweat in presence of strangers and feel ashamed of your extra weight in front of them. Of course, you want to have slim body and strong muscles to be the star of the beach or of some other place, but sometimes this motivation is not enough to make you actually do something.

Modern technology, however, provides you with the means which will help you to loose weight and will not demand you to become a hero of the local fitness club. You can keep fit and train different groups of muscles while playing and having fun. Besides, there is no need to leave home.

The first device I want to recommend you is Sony PS3+Move. “Move” controllers with radiant balls and camera connected to PS3 allows the system to “see” your movements. You can take these controllers in your hands and operate the game training various groups of muscles at the same time.

Thus, for instance, you can play “My Fitness Coach Club” game. This game provides you with yoga lessons, cardio fitness and the opportunity of creating your personal program for loosing weight according to your individual features. In the set “Move fitness” there are no exercises but the games of throwing ball in the basket, catching the balls released by the machine, breaking bricks and so on instead. Another application, “UFC Personal Trainer” will teach you the techniques of martial arts – box, wrestling, Muay Thai. EA Sports Active 2 is equipped with pulse sensor and the sensors for your hands and legs so you can see how your hips become tauter in the process of training. If you think that fitness exercises are boring, you can play different games like volleyball, tennis, ping-pong, bowling, billiard or golf.

Another device which can replace attending of fitness club is Microsoft Xbox+Kinect. In Xbox the camera “sees” your movements and there is no need to hold something in your hands. It is convenient for dancing and doing exercises, but for the sports games it is better to use PlayStation 3. Xbox pays particular attention to the dancing programs. You can enjoy “Let’s cheer” which teaches you how to dance like a cheerleader from American movies, or try “The Black Eyed Peas Experience” where the members of the band themselves will become your teachers. There are options for kids (“Just Dance Kids”) and for those who are fond of rave style (“Dance Evolution”). The option “Zumba Fitness Rush” combines fitness techniques with dancing lessons.

This device also allows you to do exercises for the particular groups of muscles, from doing press to obstacle race. If you are tired of jumping, running and dancing you may develop your coordination and intellectual skills with the help of the games “Dr. Kawashima’s Body” and “Brain Exercises”. These apps will tell you also the actual age of your mind.

A month or two of paying and having fun, and you will look like a constant visitor of fitness club, only with a happier face.

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