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by smartpeopleproblems

The big number of social networks is confusing: there is so much going on and it is almost impossible to follow everything. So I figured I’ll write a little something about the most popular social networks, their advantages and disadvantages, so it is clearer for those of you who don’t know much about all of them.


I believe most of you know a lot about it: you can upload a profile picture, create albums, post statuses, videos and pictures, be a member of a community, play games and so on.


MySpace became less popular after Facebook was created. Above all the things I mentioned earlier (in the Facebook list), this social network allows creating your own blog and listening to the audio.

3.Google +.

Google + is created not so long ago and is far from being as popular as Facebook but it still has a good chances to survive as there are a lot of Google users and a lot of users that use Google mail. Google +’s +1 button became an analog of Facebook “like” button. The feature of this new social network is that it is very convenient for sites promotion (search engines). It allows publishing links and sites without any problems. More than that, it filters them: defines which ones are important and which ones are not.

4. LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a social networking that in professionally oriented. It is created for the easier way to create business contacts. The site is available in 14 languages; there are more than 150 million registered users (and more than 150 business spheres) from more than 200 countries. By means of this site one can look for a job, the site allows to create a resume, to recommend someone or to be recommended to someone, it is also a convenient way to expand your business connections.


Twitter accounts are similar to blogs. It allows posting short messages (something like mood updates) limited to 140 symbols. These posts are visible to all the other users. Just like Google + and Facebook it allows to share information from the other sites by clicking “Tweet” button (function similar to those of ‘+1’ and ‘Like’ buttons). Twitter can also be used for site promotion. If you think about it, any social network can be used for that, but there are ones that are easier to work with.


YouTube is not exactly a social network. It was originally created as a site that provided video hosting. It gives you right to upload videos, watch videos of other users (depending on the country you live in) and comment them. You may upload a profile pictures and details. YouTube is widely used for entertaining but it is also a good way to promote your work if you are a songwriter. If you are a good singer / dancer/ just a funny person you have a good chance to catch an eye of a producer who can help you with the job. It works for any sphere of business.

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