My AIESEC experience.

by smartpeopleproblems

Last summer I decided to spend my vacations somewhere abroad taking an internship. I spent many hours trying to decide where to go. Initially I wanted to visit Eastern Europe and work as a volunteer. I couldn’t decide between Poland, Bulgaria and Hungary. To tell the truth there wasn’t an actual reason of my choice. I just wanted to travel around the countries of former socialist camp. I’m interested in history and captivated by the past and present of those countries. But due to some reasons my parents were against my decision and my friends also couldn’t understand me. That time I decided not to upset them and did as they wanted. So I went to Hong Kong through AIESEC International youth-run organization.

Frankly speaking Asia attracted my attention since my last visit of the Republic of Korea. I was captivated by its culture and traditions, customs and even religion. I fall in love with this country. So I wanted to continue discovering Asia and go to China but again my parents didn’t support this idea. That’s why I went to astonishing and marvelous Hong Kong!

I was supposed to work in a trading company as an interpreter and manager. But it turned so that I worked mainly as a manager. The point is that my major is Global management so that’s why I was obliged to do everything referring to international communication and collaboration. But you know everything was new to me and maybe it was a reason they didn’t require too much. People I was working with were very nice and I try to keep in touch with them even today. They realized that Asian culture and Hong Kong itself were new to me and they were very kind to me and very helpful. I do not speak Cantonese dialect so they tried to help me every single time I faced a problem. Even though I was alone staying without my family and friends I didn’t feel myself lonely. Maybe because I spent just a month over there. But it was wonderful and unforgettable period of time.

I stayed in an apartment and shared it with another intern from Argentina. Her name is Maria and she is very nice and very funny. To tell the truth for the first time it was pretty strange for me to share living space with a person I had never known and seen, it was my first experience. You see I live with my close friend in a dormitory in the territory of college campus so it was a bit unusual and strange experience for me for the first several days. Later I got used to it and we befriended immediately.

Hong Kong is very dense and that’s why apartments in the city are so tiny you could hardly imagine. They are just pocket-sized. But we got used to it also. We just didn’t have another choice.

I had to work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. On the weekends we wandered around Hong Kong islands discovering unknown places of the city. Hong Kong is just amazing!

I don’t know why but I didn’t feel myself as a stranger over there. Maybe because I spent only a month or maybe because I participated in international internship staying with other guys arriving from different countries. Whatever the reason was it was really funny and actually I’m planning to visit HK next winter again. I advise you to do the same once. And if you are a student then AIESEC is just wonderful organization that could help you to find a job and place to stay. Good luck!

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