Cirque du Soleil – the Art of Creating Fairy-Tales

by smartpeopleproblems

The art is a beautiful illusion which makes us forget about the sadness and the dirt of the reality, at least for a while. In this aspect the circus is the most miraculous way to take us away in the world of mystery and light. Nowadays the most popular circus is Cirque du Soleil. After visiting their performance for the first time I fall in love with this art once and forever.

Cirque du Soleil was created in 1984 in Quebec. The history of its success is inseparably connected with its founder – Guy Laliberte whose outstanding personality was one of the key factors of the possibility of creating such a unique world. He began as a fire-breather and stilt-walker. Laliberte always loved to travel and when he was 18 he traveled across the Europe with his accordion and his imagination. There he started to observe different ways of street performance and returned home with the idea to become artist and create new style in art which would present the mixture of all existing styles. The government of Quebec invested money in his project and since that time his creation knew nothing but success.

The popularity of Cirque du Soleil can be explained by several reasons. The main point is that it processes unique features which separate it from other forms of art. Laliberte refused to use animals on his performance as he always hated the idea of making them suffer for the sake of entertainment. Then, it is the live music which pierces the whole show and makes all parts of it look like a single story with some touching and fabulous plot. Great attention is paid to the decorations and the costumes of the performers; the light also plays its role in the magnificent storytelling.

The first show performed by the Canadian circus that I have seen was Saltimbanco. With the first sounds of music which opened the performance I was hypnotized by the action. Only a few hours after the end I finally found some lame words to describe a small part of my overwhelming emotions. The creators of the show describe it as the celebration of life, and the brightness of the performance just proves this fact. The word “Saltimbanco” may be translated as “street acrobat” and there are lots of acrobatic acts, indeed. The artists seem to perform the most difficult and impossible acts so easy that you start to believe that a kind of magic helps them to fly under the dome.

Another famous show of Circue du Soleil is Zarkana. It is a story of the surreal world which becomes real in front of your eyes. The decorations present an abandoned theatre where a magician who has lost his love finds that his magic has also disappeared and now he is in the centre of strange and mysterious world. The creators were inspired by the works of Antoni Gaudi, Gustav Klimt and Rene Lalique and this connection can be seen in some details of the performance.

Cirque du Soleil is an enchanted world you have seen in your dream, that’s why watching its performances feels like returning home.

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